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IOF's Criminal Attacks on Gaza Continue for the Fourth Day - Bombardment Kills 306 Including 39 Children; Injure 901 Including 82 Children - Tens of Thousands Displaced as Humanitarian Crisis Worsens

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30 December 2008 |Reference 116/2008

12:30pm Gaza Time (+2 hrs GMT) The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) has continued its fierce bombardment of the Gaza Strip.
Aircrafts continued to target civilian objects including schools, houses, CBO offices and worship places.
Thousands of homes have been destroyed or damaged.
The number of casualties has continued to rise, especially among civilians, while the international community's failure to uphold international law continues.
According to the monitoring of Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, the IOF has killed 22 Palestinians, including 7 children, since yesterday noon.
Another 145 people, including 22 children and 21 women, have been injured during the same period.
IOF attacks destroyed 57 houses beyond repair and over 1,000 others were damaged.
Moreover, these attacks destroyed one mosque, 4 workshops and commercial stores, 4 security installations, 13 government buildings, 7 CBO offices, 2 private vehicles and caused damage to three schools.
IOF's aerial attacks continue to occur around the clock.
This brings the number of casualties to 306 (39 children) and the injured to 901 (82) children since the start of Operation Cast Lead at approximately 11:30am on 27 December 2008.
One of the particularly serious attacks occurred in Jabalia, north of the Gaza Strip, at 4:30pm yesterday, 29 December 2008, when an aircraft fired missiles at a small truck and killed eight people and injured six.
The victims were identified as: - 32-year-old Emad Sammour, - 30-year-old Ashraf Al-Dabbagh, - 15-year-old Mahmoud Nabil Ghabayin, - 23-year-old Rami Saad Ghabayin, - 19-year-old Ahmad Khilla, - 17-year-old Mohammed Basil Madi, - 14-year-old Wisam Akram Eid, - 20-year-old Mohammed Ka'bar.
Noteworthy is that the truck was carrying a group of men who were trying to remove the contents of a metal workshop that was damaged after a store near it was bombarded by the IOF.
The victims, the owner of the workshop and workers who were helping him remove the contents of the workshop, were hit when they carried canisters of Oxygen used for welding metal joints.
Airstrikes also targeted several locations around Gaza City through the night yesterday and today.
At 1.
30am, F16 fighters started a series of bombardments of the Ministries Compound in southwestern Gaza City, which continued at intervals until 3:25am.
The ministries buildings, which were empty, were completely destroyed.
Dozens of homes in the area were damaged, and 15 civilians were injured.
At 2am, also on today, Tuesday 30 December 2008, Israeli aircrafts fired a missile at the Al-Farouk Mosque in Block 9 in Al-Buriej refugee camp in middle Gaza district.
The four-story mosque was completely destroyed along with several homes, a kindergarten and part of the government clinic in the camp, whose medicine store was completely destroyed with the clinic's doors and windows.
Additionally, the UNRWA's Al Bureij Boys D School was damaged.
Earlier on Monday, at approximately 2:30am, Israeli gunships fired missiles towards a group of resistance fighters who were near the house of Yasser Abu Tair in Abassan town, east to Khan Younis southern the Gaza Strip.
Five people were killed in the attack, including one child and four fighters.
They were identified as: - 6-year-old Mu'ath Yasser Abu Tair, - 22-year-old Mohammed Al Qarra, - 32-year-old Yasser Abu Tair - 28-year-old Zyad Abu Tair, - 19-year-old Mohammed Abu Tair, Five other people were injured, including a girl child, in this attack.
At approximately 4:15 today, Tuesday 30 December 2008, Israeli aircrafts bombarded the house of Adnan Yousef Rayyan; a two-story house inhabited by 12 persons.
The family left the house ten minutes before it was bombarded after they received a telephone call from the Israeli military informing them of the planned bombardment.
The house was completely destroyed and 15 homes were severely damaged.
Moreover, 8 civilians were injured.
On the same day in Rafah, Israeli aircrafts fired three missiles at the house of Abdul-Karim Al-Sha'ir in the Al-Jnina neighborhood.
The two-story house was completely destroyed and another 15 homes were severely damaged.
Al Mezan's field worker reported that thousands of people who live close to the Gaza-Egypt border have continued to evacuate their homes fearing threatened Israeli bombardment of the borderline.
At approximately 3:05am today, IOF aircrafts bombarded the building of Bani Suhaila Municipality, east to Khan Younis, destroying the building and causing damage to many houses around it.
Later at 9:05am, an IOF drone fired a missile into a crowd near the police station in the Al-Qarara town, east to Khan Younis.
Three civilians were injured in this attack; two of whom critically.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights renews its strong condemnation of Israel's criminal aggression against civilian targets in the Gaza Strip.
The Center asserts that, according to its first-hand monitoring, the IOF have perpetrated grave breaches of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity in the course of its military actions in Gaza.
Al Mezan condemns the attempts by the IOF to portray targeting civilian objects as legitimate military targets, as in the case of the above mentioned bombardment of a group of civilians on the pretext that they were transporting rockets.
Israel bears full responsibility for the loss of life and property that emanate from its attacks, especially as it employs the most advanced surveillance equipment in its military operation in Gaza.
Al Mezan has investigated this case and has evidence that the target was a civilian one.
As the international community remains silent in the face of these violations of international law, Al Mezan reiterates its calls for the convening of the conference of the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Human Rights Council, and calls on all states to uphold their responsibilities vis-à-vis the civilian population in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
The Israeli disproportionate, indiscriminate attacks on Gaza must stop without any delay.