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Story: Two Years after Cast Lead: Lives Still Destroyed, When You Beg to Be Used as a Human Shield!

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27 December 2010

During the heat of Israel’s aggression against Gaza, on Monday 5 January 2009, Majdi Abed Rabbo, 43, was used as human shield.
The use of civilians in this manner is a serious violation of international law as well as Israeli law.
1 The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) used Majdi as a human shield for three days, during which he was ordered to enter an empty house being used by fighters close to his own home and speak to them.
When released, Majdi was left to walk in the dark to Jabalia town in the north of the Gaza Strip.
But before that, he was made to witness the IOF using bulldozers to destroy his own house.
He did not know where his family were, as soldiers had taken him from his house while his wife and children were still in the yard.
Today the children are still traumatized by the sight of their father being taken by soldiers under heavy firing in cold weather.
Al Mezan interviewed Majdi and his wife, Asmahan, 40, two years after this ordeal.