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Fact Sheet: Gaza Fishermen: Life with Poverty, Harassment and Suffering

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27 December 2010

Palestinian fishermen in Gaza continue to be subject to unreasonable restrictions and attacks by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) seriously curtailing their right to work.
Israeli imposed restrictions prohibit Gaza fishermen from fishing more than three nautical miles off the coast except at the northern and southernmost borders.
It is common for IOF soldiers to open fire on fishermen, pursue them in the water while they are fishing, and sabotage and confiscate their equipment, including their nets and boats.
Such acts constitute flagrant violations of Israel’s legal obligations, as an occupying power, under international law.
They violate the Fishermen’s rights to life, work, safety and bodily integrity.
They also infringe upon the right not to be tortured and prevent them from maintaining an adequate standard of living.