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The Execution of Three Men brings the total to 18

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18 May 2010

Today, Tuesday 18 May 2010, the Gaza government executed Amer Sabir Hussein Jundia, Rami Sa'eed Juha and Mattar Mohammed Al Shobaki who had been sentenced to death.
They were convicted of committing felonies.
This brings the total number of people who have been executed in the occupied Palestinian territories  to 18, two of whom were from the West Bank.
   Palestinian courts have handed down 104 death sentences, 28 of which are in the West Bank.
Eight of the death sentences were commuted in the Gaza Strip and the number of persons who were sentenced to death became 68.
12 persons who had been sentenced to death were killed in incidents that have no relation to the execution.
This happened particularly after the Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Central Prison during the last Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.