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Al Mezan Declines Request to Monitor Journalists Syndicate Elections

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3 February 2010 |Reference 3/2010

Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights sent a letter to the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate to thank them for inviting the Centre to monitor their elections and apologize for declining their request.
Al Mezan asserted that for the Syndicate to hold democratic elections and play its vital role, it must have journalists support and agreement.
  On Monday 1 February 2010, Al Mezan received a letter from the Palestinian Journalist Syndicate.
The letter invites Al Mezan to monitor the Syndicate elections, which is scheduled to be held on 5 February 2010.
Al Mezan expressed its appreciation for the invitation but declined the Syndicate’s request.
In its reply, Al Mezan regretted making the decision not to participate in monitoring the elections.
Al Mezan wrote that it believed holding the elections to renew journalists’ confidence in their representatives was very important; especially under the current situation in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).
Al Mezan also recognized the important role the Syndicate could play if democratic life is restored in its institutions.
  Al Mezan asserted that elections and the electoral system for the Syndicate must be accepted by journalists.
Elections is a delicate process.
Any defect in any of its stages could affect the results.
Therefore, Al Mezan does not view with favor that it was invited to monitor only one of these stages, which is the voting stage.
This would not allow Al Mezan to give an objective assessment as to the integrity of this election process.
  Al Mezan believes that, like the presidential and legislative elections, for the Syndicate elections to be fair and democratic, there must be agreement between the involved parties.
Such agreement could foster the Syndicate’s credibility and integrity, but also strengthen its role in Palestinian society; including promoting and defending democracy and liberty.
It will also enable it to defend the press and journalists from government interference.
  Al Mezan is ready to contribute to any efforts to bring the journalists together and to help strengthen their institutions.