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REPORT ON: The Israeli Occupation Forces Aggression against Palestinian Civilians and Their Property in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, 1 JANUARY – 31 MARCH 2003

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31 March 2003

Upon publication of this report, Thirty months will have passed since the outbreak of the Al Aqsa Intifada.
During this period the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have systematically violated Palestinians human rights and perpetrated war crimes on an unprecedented level in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).
The absence of effective intervention on the part of the international community has allowed these crimes to continue unchecked.
The situation in the OPTs has grown even more dangerous since the US and Britain initiated the war on Iraq in March 2003.
Palestinian and international human rights organizations were accordingly obliged to intensify their efforts to monitor and reveal Israel's practices especially as all eyes focused on Iraq.
Al Mezan center for Human Rights has issued regular reports listing the names of the victims, the type of violation, the dates, and including sworn affidavits documenting the IOF's crimes.
For the first 27 months of the uprising, Al Mezan issued monthly documentary reports.
Starting from this year, however, the Center has begun issuing quarterly reports, which will allow more time to collect and confirm the information, to speak to the victims or their families and meet eyewitnesses, a process that has become increasingly difficult and dangerous owing to the IOF's frequent closures and sieges.
The Center will continue issuing press releases and news in cooperation with sister human rights organizations in the OPTs for the most grievous crimes.
This report covers the period between 1 January and 13 March 2003 and documents all the IOF's violations of Palestinians human rights.
It reviews Israel's systematic targeting of Palestinian civil premises, natural resources and private property.
Additionally, it reviews the IOF's use of excessive and lethal force and the policy of “liquidation� or extra-judicial murder.
It provides information on Israel's sieges and closures in the OPTs and their effects on civilian life.
Finally, the report lists the provisions of Human Rights and Humanitarian Laws as they pertain to each of Israel's violations.
Each section of this report is supported with lists of names, addresses and ages of the victims and the dates of violations.