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Special Report on The IOF Investigation into the Killing of Reuters' Cameraman Shanaa: Accountability or Impunity?

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11 September 2008

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) announced the end of its investigation into the killing of Reuters' cameraman, Fadel Shanaa.
According to the IOF, an investigation was opened a few hours after the incident occurred on Wednesday, 16 April 2008, and lasted for four months.
At that time, Al Mezan Center reported its belief that the IOF deliberately targeted Shanaa.
While the Center called for a prompt investigation into the incident and awaited its results, Al Mezan continued its own field investigation and collected information and evidence related to the IOF attack that killed the cameraman and three other Palestinians; including two children.
Al Mezan field workers found shrapnel of the two flechette shells which targeted Reuters' crew on the site.
They also met with eyewitnesses, including journalists.
The Center's investigations found that the IOF deliberately targeted Shanaa.