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Al Mezan Center condemns the aggression against the Central Elections Commission office in Rafah and the Governorate of Khan Younis

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14 November 2005 |Reference 75/2005

At approximately 11am on 14th November, a group of armed persons broke into Central Elections Commission office in Rafah and prevented the functioning of the office.
According to the field workers of Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights, three persons armed with automatic rifles broke into the Rafah branch of the Central Elections Committee office, located in Ottoman Ibn Affan, near Najma junction in the Shabura area.
The armed group gave the workers one hour to finalize their work, after which they closed the office.
A statement was issued by the group, in the name of the "Islamic Army", stating without specifically targeting the Central Elections Committee that the office was being closed down for being a place of corruption.
In another incident at approximately 11pm on November 13th, a group of 50 armed persons affiliated with the Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade broke into Khan Younis Governorate and opened fire on the building and on the national security forces who were on guard.
The doors of the building were consequently broken down.
According to the available information, these actions were done in a demand for employment within the ranks of national security forces.
They occupied the building for longer than an hour and a half before leaving.
Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights condemns this offensive regardless of its motivations, as it constitutes a grave breach of the rule of law and puts into question the respected position held by the Palestinian Authority.
Once again, the Centre calls upon the PA to put an end to the state of insecurity implement the law and protect people and property of public facilities.
If the law enforcement bodies do not take necessary and immediate procedures, the state of insecurity, social unrest and personal security of civilians in the Gaza Strip will deteriorate.