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Press Release: On the third day of its offensive against Gaza, Israel intensifies attacks and destroys houses without warning

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7 August 2022 |Reference 44/2022

For the third day in a row, Israel continued its offensive on the Gaza Strip by carrying out intensive attacks on densely populated areas during night and at dawn, targeting houses without warning, and creating a state of fear among two million protected civilians.  


Al Mezan’s documentation shows that Israel’s attacks against the Gaza Strip have so far resulted in the death of 31 Palestinians—including six children and four women—and the injury of 228 others—including 90 children and 33 women. Meanwhile, Gaza crossings remained closed for the sixth consecutive day, leading Gaza’s only power plant to shut down due to the lack of fuel, significant shortages in food and medicine, and increased deterioration of humanitarian conditions.


The following are the most prominent Israeli attacks against the Gaza Strip which took place after the issuance of yesterday’s press release:


  • At 6:20pm on Saturday, 6 August 2022, medical sources at the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced the death of Nour al-Din Hussein al-Zweidi, 18, resident of Beit Hanoun in North Gaza. He died of wounds sustained as a result of an Israeli attack against a group of people in the northwest Gaza Strip at around 3:45pm on the same day.
  • At 3:30pm and 4:30pm on Saturday, 6 August 2022, Israeli warplanes attacked with four missiles several houses in Beit Hanoun city, causing damage to the houses with no causalities reported.
  • At 9:33pm on Saturday, 6 August 2022, Israeli warplanes launched six missiles at several contiguous houses near the Kuwaiti Hospital in al-Shatout, a densely populated area in Rafah City, killing seven, including one child and two women, and injuring 35 others, including 18 children and 12 women. Al Mezan identified the names of the people killed as follows: Khalid Saed Mansour, 46, Rafat Saleh Sheikh al-Eid (al-Zamli), 41, Ziad Ahmed Khalil al-Mudalal, 35, 13-year-old child Mohammed Iyad Hassouna, Ismail Abdelhamid Salama, 30, and his mother Hanaa Ismail Dweik (Salama), 50, and Alaa Saleh al-Mallahi (al-Tawhrawi), 30. Israeli forces targeted the area without prior warning.
  • At 9pm on Saturday, 6 August 2022, an artillery shell fell in front of al-Baraka supermarket, in the east of al-Trans crossroad in Jabaliya camp, in North Gaza District. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, seven people were killed in the attack, including four children, and 43 others were injured, including 26 children. Material damage in the place of attack was also reported. Al Mezan identified the names of the people killed as follows: Ahmed Mohammed al-Nairab, 11, Hazem Mohammed Salem, 9, Ahmed Walid al-Farram, 16, Moumen Mohammed al-Nairab, 15, Khalil Iyad Abu Hamada, 18, Nafez Mohammed al-Khatib, 50, and Mohammed Mohammed Zaqout, 19.
  • At 6:30pm on Saturday, 6 August 2022, medical sources at the Ministry of Health announced the death of Abdelrahman Ali Ibrahim, 22, resident of the Shuasha area, east of the Jabaliya refugee camp in the North Gaza District. He died due to the wounds sustained during an Israeli attack on a group of people in Jabaliya camp at 1:30pm on the same day.
  • At 9am on Sunday, 7 August 2022, an artillery shell hit the house of Fathi Abdelfattah Abu Jaser, in the Jabaliya refugee camp in the North Gaza District, killing Diaa Zuhair al-Borai, 32, and injuring six others, including three women. The attack also caused material damage to the house and neighboring houses. Israel also tried to deny its responsibility for the attack.


Al Mezan reiterates its strongest condemnation of Israel’s attacks and destruction in the Gaza Strip which target civilians, their property, and other civilian objects, in a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, particularly the principles of distinction and proportionality. Al Mezan asserts that the intentional and systematic killing of civilians and the destruction of their property are war crimes, which by their nature and gravity require immediate action by the international community to ensure their end and to hold perpetrators accountable.


Therefore, Al Mezan calls on the international community to promptly and effectively intervene to stop the Israeli military offensive, protect civilians’ lives and property, and take actual steps to compel Israel to respect international humanitarian and human rights law. Al Mezan also warns that the international community’s inaction toward the situation in Gaza and failure to provide perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity accountable encourages Israel to commit more crimes and atrocities against Palestinians in Gaza, whether by the imposition of a 15-year closure and blockade or by launching military attacks whose victims are mostly civilians.