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Palestinian Human Development Report 2002, Birzeit University, Development Studies Programme


The PHDR 2002 focuses on an important era in the history of the Palestinian people, marked by a radical shift in Palestinian-Israeli relations.
Despite all attempts to achieve about peace and independence during the Oslo years, the West Bank and Gaza remain under Israeli occupation and domination.
Palestinians have paid a high price, in many respects, for demanding their rights as stipulated in various international agreements.
The years 2000-2001 have witnessed a second Palestinian Intifada which has seen public participation in peaceful rallies, armed resistance, the re-occupation of cities and a suffocating siege.
These years call for an evaluation of the period that followed the signing of peace agreements between the Palestinians and the Israelis (1993).
The bases on which the peace process was built, the performance of the PNA with regard to its economic and social policies and in the area of institution building must all be assessed.

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