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Digest on the impacts of the imposed closure on the Gaza Strip, 30 days after the implementation of the Israeli Unilateral Disengagement Plan
The Gaza Strip is turned into a large prison


In August 2005, with considerable international support, the Israeli Government evacuated 22 settlements in the Gaza Strip and redeployed its forces alongside the borders on September 12th, thus maintaining full control over coastline, territorial borders and airspace.
The Israeli Disengagement Plan is an applicable and practical security plan for Israel which aims at serving its strategic objectives of ending its responsibility for the Gaza Strip on the one hand, continuing the construction of the apartheid wall in the West Bank, to expand settlements and to ensure a Jewish majority in Jerusalem.
The Disengagement Plan is not a political initiative open to negotiations; it is rather a plan developed to block any viable political initiative, notably the Road Map, to which the Israeli Government has announced 14 restrictive conditions.
Moreover, the Plan is purely unilateral and does not require any partners for its implementation, and was used as a propaganda mechanism for Israel to announce the end of its occupation of the Gaza Strip.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights emphasizes that the implementation of the Disengagement Plan does not change the legal status of the Gaza Strip as an occupied territory, which is evident from the facts stated in the Disengagement Plan document itself, namely the continued Israeli control over the borders, crossings, airspace, and territorial waters in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).
Thirty days after the evacuation and destruction of settlements and the redeployment of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) along the Gaza Strip borders, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights submits this digest on the destructive impact of the ongoing Israeli control over border crossings in the Gaza Strip following the Disengagement Plan.
Gaza has become a large prison which effectively disproves IOF claims that its control over the Gaza Strip is over.
The report begins with a brief description of the border crossings which link Gaza Strip with the West Bank, Israel, and the outside world.
Next, it depicts the IOF closure and siege policies from September 28 until the completion of the unilateral Disengagement Plan and the redeployment of the IOF.
The report sheds light on the Israeli procedures which accompanied with the redeployment and the social and economic impact of the Israeli policies on Palestinian human rights such as the right to work, health care, education, appropriate living standards, as well as on the chances of a better economic situation emerging.

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