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Day Ten: Israel’s military offensive in Gaza kills seven Palestinians, including a journalist, and destroys 18 residential buildings


For the tenth day in a row, Israel’s airstrikes and heavy artillery attacks have resulted in large-scale destruction to civilian properties, vital infrastructure, and agricultural lands. On this day alone, Al Mezan’s field monitoring shows that Israel’s massive use of heavy munitions killed seven Palestinians, including a journalist, a child and a woman. Another 82 people, including 31 children and 18 women, were wounded. In the past 24 hours, Israeli airstrikes also destroyed 18 residential buildings.   


Overall, Al Mezan’s field monitoring shows that Israel’s offensive against Gaza has so far resulted in the death of 220 Palestinians, including 63 children and 36 women (45% of victims), while another 1,112, including 249 children and 117 women (just over 38% of victims), suffered injuries. The number of targeted residential buildings now stands at 140, including six towers—three of which were completely destroyed—with Israel ultimately destroying 437 residential units.  


In addition, hundreds of private properties, as well as tens of governmental sites, schools, banks, and mosques have sustained significant damages. Israel’s airstrikes have also led to the large-scale destruction of power and water networks, as well as thousands of square meters of vital paved roads.


According to Al Mezan’s field monitoring and documentation in the past 24 hours:


In the evening of Tuesday, 18 May 2021, medical sources at Al-Shifa Hospital reported that Minna Iyad Fathi Shrair, 2, succumbed to wounds she sustained when her family’s house was attacked at 4:30pm on Wednesday, 11 May 2021.


At 5:00pm on 18 May 2021, Israeli air forces fired one missile at a group of people on land belonging to Shtaiwi family on 10 Street in south Gaza City. The attack killed Mahmoud Ramadan Omar Shtaiwi, 19.


Between 10:05pm and 10:20pm on the same day, Israeli air forces fired 12 missiles at open farmlands and different roundabouts and roads in the Khurbit Al-Adas area in north and east Rafah City. The attacks led to the death of Saadiya Yousef Hussein Abu Gharara, 57, who suffered heart failure due to the enormous amount and sound of explosions from the airstrikes.


At 3:00am on Wednesday, 19 May 2021, Israeli air forces targeted the fifth floor of a five-story building belonging to the Zorob family, located near Al-Saraya roundabout in the middle of Gaza City. The attack killed Omar Mohammed Amin Al-Mankoush, 19, and resulted in substantial damage to the building, as well as to nearby residential units.


At 4:00am on the same day, Israeli air forces attacked with three missiles the fourth and fifth floors of a five-story 120 square meter building belonging to Mohammed Abdulqader Mohammed Abu Hussein, 63, located near Al-Sheikh Ridwan roundabout in northwest Gaza City. The attack killed Yousef Mohammed Abdulqader Abu Hussein, a 32-year-old journalist with Al-Aqsa Radio. The building was substantially damaged.


At 11:00am on the same day, medical sources at Al-Shifa Hospital reported the death of Firas Alaa Mohammed Al-Bahri, 20, due to wounds he sustained from shrapnel of an Israeli airstrike, at 1:45pm on Thursday, 13 May 2021, that targeted a group of people near the 19 Building of Al-Nada Towers in Beit Hanoun.


Simultaneously, another Israeli airstrike targeted a group of people in Al-Salam neighborhood in Jabalia, North Gaza District, killing 31-year-old Ammar Abdullah Al-Nader.  


While Al Mezan reiterates its strongest condemnation of Israel’s military offensive in Gaza and incessant targeting of civilians and civilian properties, it also warns that chronic inaction by the international community is perpetuating Israel’s escalated tactics. Some two million Palestinians in Gaza are now facing the immediate and long-term consequences of yet another full-scale Israeli offensive—that again features the systematic use of disproportionate force and deliberate targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure—amid an unprecedented deterioration in Gaza’s humanitarian conditions.  


Al Mezan stresses that its documentation work very clearly evidences that Israel’s attacks amount to international crimes and calls on the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to investigate these incidents urgently and fully and hold perpetrators to account. Al Mezan also calls on the international community to take prompt action to end the current military escalation and ensure the protection of Palestinian civilians and civilian objects in Gaza.



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