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Press Release: Documenting Tens of Victims in the Gaza Strip, Including Children and Women, Al Mezan Condemns Israeli Attacks and Calls for Swift International Intervention


Time: 2:00PM (Jerusalem)


On Monday, 10 May 2021, Israel’s air force launched 92 missiles into the Gaza Strip in an intense series of 34 strikes that targeted security sites, as well as farmlands, houses, and people, including civilians. Israel’s attacks killed 26 Palestinians, including nine children and one woman, and led to the injury of 75 others, including 22 children and nine women. Fifteen houses and six factories were also targeted, while tens of residential buildings and private properties were damaged, as Israel announced the continuation of its airstrikes.


According to Al Mezan’s field monitoring, at 6:10pm on 10 May 2021, a shell hit the house of Attallah Almasri, on Al-Masriyeen Street in the east of Beit Hanoun City, killing eight Palestinians, including six children, and injuring 18 more, of whom ten are children. Three nearby houses were partially damaged. According to medical staff at Beit Hanoun Hospital, three of the victims are in serious condition, while the others sustained light to moderate injuries. Ahmed Mohammed Atallah Almasri, 20, Marwan Yousef Atallah Almasri, 6, Rahaf Mohammed Atallah Almasri, 10, Ibrahim Yousef Atallah Almasri, 11, Yazan Sultan Atallah Almasri, 2, Mohammed Ali Mohammed Nuseir, 24, Hussein Moneer Hussein Hamad, 11, and Ibrahim Abdallah Mohammed Hasanin, 16, were all killed in the attack.


At 6:10pm on the same day, Israel’s air force attacked a farmland in Al-Kashif, Ezbet Abd Rabbu, in the east of Jabalia Refugee Camp. Saber Ibrahim Mahmoud Suliman, 38, and his son, Mohammed Saber Ibrahim Suliman, 15, both residents of Jabalia, were killed. Medical staff at the Indonesian Hospital said both deaths were a result of injuries from shrapnel to different parts of the body. 


At the same time, Israel’s air force attacked Mohammed Abdallah Zeidan Fayyad, 26, with one missile as he was passing through the Al-Salah area in the neighborhood of Al-Boura, Beit Hanoun. Fayyad died immediately from his injuries. 


At 10:15pm, Israel’s air force targeted a group of people in the Al-Manara neighborhood in the south of Khan Younis City, with one missile. Three people were injured and taken to Al Naser Medical Complex. One of them, Saleem Mohammed Saleem Al-Farra, 37, succumbed to his wounds and was pronounced dead at 4:20am the following day, Tuesday, 11 May 2021. 


Tightening its longstanding, unlawful closure restrictions on Gaza’s two million residents in the midst of the escalation on Monday, the Israeli authorities announced the closing of the Kerem Shalom commercial crossing, Gaza’s only point of entry for goods and humanitarian aid, as well as Erez crossing, thus putting the life of medical patients needing treatment outside Gaza at risk. The authorities also banned access to Palestinian waters, further threatening the food security and humanitarian conditions of the impoverished fishing community. 


At 4:40am on Tuesday, 11 May 2021, Israel’s air force targeted the top floor of Tiba, a 300-square-meter, seven-story residential building, made up of 13 apartments and located in Al-Shati’ refugee camp in the west of Gaza City, with three missiles. Amira Abdulfattah Abdulrahman Soboh, 63, and her son Abdulrahman Yousef Ali Soboh, a 18-year-old boy with disability, both died during the attack, while two other people were moderately and critically injured. Nearby houses were also damaged.


At 11:25am on the same day, Israel’s air force targeted a residential apartment on the second floor of Al-Jundi Al-Majhool Tower, a 14-story building on Omar Al-Mokhtar street in Al Jundi Al-Majhool, Gaza City, with one missile. Three people were killed in the attack: Sameh Faheem Hashem Al-Mamlouk, 33, Kamel Tayseer Suliman Qraiqi’, 33, and Mohammed Shaker Abu Al-Atta, 29. Seven more people were moderately and lightly injured. Nearby houses and commercial centers were damaged.


As Al Mezan’s fieldworkers continue monitoring the situation, we are increasingly alarmed by the intentional and disproportionate targeting of civilians and civilian properties. Al Mezan condemns all unlawful military attacks and warns against the continuation of hostilities in what could result in the repetition of previous full-scale military operations, that claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians, notably children and women, led to the destruction of thousands of houses, and resulted in the displacement of thousands of Palestinian families.


Al Mezan is deeply concerned by the continued inaction of the international community, as Gaza is pushed into perpetually worse security and humanitarian conditions. Al Mezan warns that it is civilians who will bear the brunt of Israel's disproportionate military strikes, blockade, and closure—all measures in stark violation of international law.


Al Mezan urges the international community to promptly intervene to ensure the protection of civilians from collective punishment, indiscriminate attacks, and unlawful and disproportionate use of military force. The international community must condemn all violations of international law and seek a sustainable end to the violence. 


Al Mezan also calls on the international community, especially the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to take firm and swift action to protect Palestinians from ethnic cleansing and holy sites from damage in Jerusalem. Unless Israel’s sense of impunity is challenged, there is no real deterrence to its continued violations in Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and across the oPt. 


This publication was updated on 13 May 2021 to correct an editing/translation error.


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