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At Human Rights Council 46, Al Mezan calls on the Council and its Members to support the international law and fact-based resolutions on Palestine


46th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council

Item 2: Interactive Dialogue on the Report of the High Commissioner on Ensuring Accountability and Justice for all Violations of International Law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Including East Jerusalem (HRC res. 43/3)


Speaker: Mr. Issam Younis, Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights


Al Mezan thanks the High Commissioner for her report and affirms her all-to-real observation that “despite continuous calls over decades for the occupying power to fully respect international law and to comply with its obligations under the law of occupation, violations [are] continu[ing] to occur at an alarming pace.”[1] This reality manifests from the systemic impunity that is deeply embedded within Israel's justice system.


Al Mezan has engaged for years, in good faith, in pursuit of the rights of victims and their family members, with a system that is not genuine. Yet, every file reinforces our long evidenced and definitive conclusion that Israel is unwilling to genuinely investigate allegations of war crimes and other serious violations of international law or to hold perpetrators responsible.


In the High Commissioner’s words, this is a “persistent pervasive failure to ensure accountability.”[2]


Therefore, to this Council and its Member States:


  1. Al Mezan reiterates the High Commissioner’s call to “act collectively to stop the serious violations of international law that are being perpetrated in the Occupied Palestine Territory…and to enable the Palestinian people to exercise their right of self-determination.”[3]
  2. To do so by supporting the international law and fact-based resolutions concerning the rights of Palestinians – in particular on accountability.
  3. And to welcome the territorial judgement of the ICC, while encouraging the Court to open a full investigation—as the only viable deterrent to continued impunity and violence.


Thank you.

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