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Al Mezan Center for Human Rights entered Rafah and delivered medicine to Abu Yousef Al Najjar Hospital


Al Mezan Center’s staff, in company of other human rights activists, gained access to the besieged town of Rafah with medicine donated by Israeli organization Physicians for Human Rights to Abu Youssef Al Najjar Hospital.
During the entire time of the Israeli operations, Abu Yousef Al Najjar hospital has been the only available and accessible hospital to deal with the devastatingly high amount of deaths and injuries, despite its very small capacity.
It has consequently suffered from severe shortages of medical supplies.
The Center’s staff was kept waiting for two hours at the Abu Houli checkpoint, the checkpoint that divides the Gaza Strip, and was detained inside the checkpoint for another 30 minutes.
At the Rafah blocked entrance they decided to use an alternative sand road to reach the city of Rafah.
The Center also appealed to other regional and international organizations to facilitate the entry of relief supplies into Rafah which suffers from a humanitarian disaster due to the Israeli incursion and the siege imposed on large parts of the town.
Al Mezan Center condemns the restrained access of medical relief and the restricted movement of medical personnel in Rafah and emphasizes that it will continue to provide Rafah with necessary humanitarian aid and supplies.