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Thousands of Palestinian Prisoners Join Hunger Strike


Palestinian and Arab prisoners in Israeli prisons are continuing their hunger strike for the fourth day.
According to sources in prisons, thousands of prisoners joined some 1,500 in the strike they had started on 15 August 2004.
An estimated number of 7,500 prisoners, detained in 27 prisons, are in effective hunger strike now.
This includes 107 women prisoners.
According to a statement made by the Israeli Prisons Agency on 17 August 2004, the Israeli security prepared to utilize procedures of psychological effects on prisoners to break their strike; including organizing barbecue parties in prisons.
Such procedures show gross disregard of prisoners' demands and needs, which hardly meet the internationally minimum accepted standards related to the treatment of prisoners.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights calls for national and international solidarity with Palestinian and Arab political prisoners in Israel in their just demands.