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Sheikh Radwan Finally Sees the Rainwater Collection Site Cleaned


Al Mezan Center for Human Rights commends the latest efforts made by the Municipality of Gaza (MoG) to clean the rainwater collection site in the Sheikh Radwan area in northern Gaza City. The site, which Al Mezan received complaints about only recently, had not been cleaned for over three years, and became infested with insects and rodents. As such, it posed serious health risks to the population living in the area.


On 19 September 2017, the MoG began removing dirt and cleaning the adjacent street with heavy-duty machines. The vehicles continued working for one week scraping off stale mud.


The cleaning process commenced after Al Mezan forwarded complaints made by the Sheikh Radwan residents, who noticed the increase of insects and rodents coming from the adjacent rainwater collection site. Fearing the spread of diseases, the concerned citizens asked Al Mezan to organize an open meeting, which took place on 27 August 2017. The complaint handed over to the MoG, was the direct result of that meeting.


Al Mezan commends the Municipality of Gaza for their efforts to respond to the needs of the Sheikh Radwan community, despite the scarcity of resources caused by the ongoing blockade and closure of the Gaza Strip.


Al Mezan will continue to be fully committed to ensuring that the rights of all citizens are respected, and that their needs are attended to, so that all, including the most vulnerable communities, can live their lives in dignity.    

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