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Al Mezan Welcomes Efforts by Ministry of Transportation to Help Gaza’s Fishermen


Al Mezan Center for Human Rights welcomes the latest efforts by the Ministry of Transportation (MoT) and the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MoPWH) in Gaza to remove the sand that has settled in the basin of Gaza’s sea port. The sand poses a danger to the daily operation of fishing boats.


On Sunday, 12 September 2017, the two ministries deployed heavy-duty vehicles to commence a two-month construction plan that will, once completed, allow the safe movement of fishing boats in and out of the seaport.


Al Mezan had previously organized a series of community-focused activities entitled, “Safety of fishermen and fishing equipment in the basin of the Gaza seaport”. On 25 May 2017, Al Mezan then organized a meeting that brought together the affected fishermen and officials from MoT, MoPWH, the Gaza Municipality Office, and the Department of Fisheries under the Ministry of Agriculture. Following this meeting, a committee including fishermen, Al Mezan and the governmental bodies was formed and tasked with monitoring the progress of the project. The efforts of this committee have now culminated in the implementation of the work plan to remove the sand.


Al Mezan expresses appreciation to the MoTand the MoPWH for their efforts despite the scarcity of resources caused by Israel’s tight closure and blockade.


Al Mezan stresses the organization’s commitment to bringing attention to daily problems that citizens of Gaza are faced with as the resolution of such problems promotes respect for human rights and fosters an environment in which basic living conditions are improved and vulnerable groups are supported.

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