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Al Mezan Publishes Infographic
“No Justice for Victims Two Years After Israeli Operation ‘Protective Edge’”



Al Mezan Center for Human Rights (Al Mezan) has issued an infographic entitled “No Justice for the Victims Two Years After Israeli Operation ‘Protective Edge’”. The infographic gives a visual representation to the figures from the offensive where Israeli forces killed at least 2,219 Palestinians, 1,068 Palestinians of whom were killed while in their homes. A total of 556 children were killed, along with 299 women, 120 older people (i.e. 60+ years old), and 42 people with disability. The infographic also portrays the immense loses and vast destruction in residential houses; public, industrial, and commercial facilities; and vehicles, water wells, and farms.


The infographic portrays Al Mezan’s ongoing pursuit of justice and redress for the victims of the attacks via Israeli domestic mechanisms, and Israel’s continuing impunity. Al Mezan has submitted 278 civil complaints to Israel’s Military Advocate General and 107 criminal investigation requests related to Israeli violations that took place during the 2014 offensive. Not one criminal investigation has been opened.


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