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Al Mezan bids farewell to two staff members pursuing their studies abroad


Al Mezan Center for human rights held a farewell dinner for two of its staff: Mahmud Abu Rahmam, and Ramiz Younis, both of whom were granted scholarships to pursue their master degrees abroad.
Abu Rahma worked as the coordinator of Al Mezan’s training and mass unit and as a member of the planning and follow-up committee.
He obtained a scholarship from the British Council and will be studying human rights at Essex University in the United Kingdom.
Younis worked at Al Mezan as a trainer under the supervision of Mr.
Abu Rahma.
He obtained his scholarship from the Academy for Educational Development and will be studying international politics at Monterey University, located in the United States.
Al Mezan wishes Mr.
Abu Rahma and Mr.
Younis success in their studies.
The knowledge they gain abroad will undoubtedly contribute to the future development of Al Mezan as well as human rights and democracy in the OPT.
The Center looks forward to their safe return.

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