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IOF evacuate Gaza Strip and continue to control its airspace, territorial waters, and border passages.


At approximately 3:15am on Monday 12 September 2005, the IOF evacuated the Gaza Strip and redeployed along the borders ending 38-year-old military occupation.
Israel decided to unilaterally redeploy its army and hand the territory over without coordinating with the PNA.
In August 2005, the IOF started evacuating the settlements.
The spokesperson of the Palestinian Interior Ministry, Tawfiq Abu Khussa, said that the PNA decided to demolish all the structures but will leave greenhouses and the water wells intact.
According to Al Mezan Center's fieldworkers, IOF have demolished the infrastructure of the evacuated settlements such as roads, pavements, electricity, water and sewage systems while neglected the irrigation of crops since August 2005.
Plants inside settlements have been burned and uprooted by IOF and settlers during the evacuation.
The Center's sources added that the Palestinian security forces took control of the Rafah border crossing on Monday at around 5:21am after IOF evacuated their electronic devices and deconstructed some parts.
The crossing is still completely closed, however for six months under an Israeli decision.
Israel demands that a new crossing be operated in Karim Shalom area inside Israel so it can keep its presence inside it.
In addition, the IOF also erected a 100 meter electronic detectors wall alongside the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel.
Additionally, Israel asserts that its occupation of the Gaza Strip has ended and that it bears no responsibility for the Strip.
At this point, the center believes that Israel remains an occupying power under international law owing to the fact that it still controls the Strip's airspace, territorial waters, and all the border crossings.
It, thus, has the capacity to restrict the movement of people and goods at any time.
What IOF have done so far is a redeployment of forces while continuing to control all the aspects of the Palestinians' life.
In the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, Israel continues its illegal construction the separation wall, confiscating lands, and expanding settlements.
Eventually, such conducts constitute grave breaches of International Law.
Al Mezan highlights the unity of the Palestinian Occupied Territories and the fact that Israel continues to be an occupying force.
It also expresses its grave concern about making the Gaza Strip a prison to 1.
4 million Palestinians.
As such, the Center calls upon the international community to preserve its legal and moral obligations and take effective steps to compel Israel to withdraw from all the territories it occupied in 1967 and implement the rules of the International Law and put an end the Israeli occupation.

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