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Al Mezan releases report on fishing sector


Al Mezan Center for Human Rights has released a report entitled "Between the Hammer of Occupation and the anvil of Negligence".
The report exposes the difficulties faced by the maritime sector in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), and reports on the Israeli violations that occurred prior to the redeployment, mainly through field documentation in the wake of the September 2005 Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip.
Moreover, the report examines the negative impacts of these violations on fishing, fishermen, sailors and others involved in the sector.
The field facts expose IOF violations in breach of International Humanitarian Law, notably the Fourth Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.
Furthermore, the report tackles the negative impacts of the IOF policies of collective punishment and direct targeting of the maritime sector.
Such violations certainly deteriorate and weaken the economic conditions and living standards of people in general, and fishermen in particular.
Additionally, the field facts emphasize that the Israeli Disengagement Plan was merely a process of redeployment from the Gaza Strip by which Israel has disregarded its legal obligations.
Moreover, the grave Israeli infringements of the human rights of Palestinians manifested either by tightened sieges and closures, or imposition of economic restrictions on workers and mainly fishermen, are increasing poverty and unemployment rates, and ruining any future possibilities for economic prosperity.
The report is concluded with an emphasis made towards on the International Community to put an end to the Israeli violations against civilians, in particular fishermen and sailors, and to place pressure on Israel to lift the tight siege imposed on the OPT.
In this respect, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights reasserts that the Israeli Disengagement Plan aimed at misleading the international community and allowing Israel to non- comply with its legal commitments towards Palestinian civilians and thus impose its full authority over the OPT.
Al Mezan reiterates its position that the Gaza Strip must be recognized as remaining to be an occupied territory and it is crucial to implement the Fourth Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, as an introductory and critical step towards ending the occupation.
Al Mezan urges the International Community to respect and abide by the Advisory Opinion of the International Supreme Court.
It immediately calls upon the International Community to intervene and provide help and support to fishing sector, and put an end to the ongoing Israeli violations in order to guarantee respect for International Law.
Finally, Al Mezan calls on donors to give special attention to the maritime sector by focusing on relevant projects as a means of decreasing unemployment and poverty rates in Palestinian society.

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