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Al Mezan participates in People's International Court against war criminals: Bush, Blair, and Sharon


Al Mezan Center for Human Rights participated in an International trial against Bush, Blair and Sharon, which was conducted on February 3rd- 4th, 2006.
The court convicted them of committing crimes against peace, aggression crimes, and war crimes against humanity.
The trial was conducted in the building of the Egyptian Lawyers Union, and was organized by the Arab Lawyers Union in cooperation with the Egyptian Lawyers Union, the Lawyers Cadre Organization in Morocco and the Lawyers Union in of Casa Blanca.
The attendees were former president of Malaysia Mahateer Mohammad, Dr.
Foad Abdel Menem Reyad, former judge of the International Supreme Court, the head of the Arab Lawyers Union, Palestinian and Moroccan lawyers, and a number of famous Arab and international figures.
Jamil Sarhan, Coordinator of the Legal Aid Unit at Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, voiced a statement on the crimes of the IOF in the Gaza Strip.
Especially during the past five years the IOF have been committing crimes against Palestinians, detaining thousands of them, demolishing hundreds of houses, factories and shops, confiscating thousands dunums of farmland and destroying many public facilities.
Sarhan added that the IOF have demolished exactly 6,395 houses in the Gaza Strip since October 10th, 2000 and accordingly 58,460 Palestinians have become homeless.
The IOF has destroyed 255 various public facilities such as hospitals, NGOs, police stations, governmental sites, political party offices, mosques, churches and educational institutes.
Furthermore, the IOF have dug up agricultural lands, uprooted trees and prevented thousands of Palestinians from reaching their land.
The total damaged area reached 28,882 dunums from which 60,151 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip benefit from.
Finally, Mr.
Sarhan exposed the IOF's assassination crimes; which the Israeli government has proudly adopted as policy, that has targeted more than 201 Palestinians.

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