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Al Mezan completes the second training of Pass the Word Program


Al Mezan Center for Human Rights conducted its second training of Pass the Word, in cooperation with Al Aqsa University.
The 20 hour course took place over three days and was entitled: "Skills in Discussion and Session Moderation" The training was conducted for 28 female and male students from all Palestinian universities in the Gaza Strip, and focused on important tools that would enable them to moderate sessions on human rights and democracy.
Pass the Word Program aims at training and preparing a group of future trainers on yearly basis.
The current group included 28 persons, who were trained on diverse issues related to human rights and International Human Rights Law, democracy, rule of the law, and separation of authorities.
In addition, Al Mezan trained them on communication skills, moderating sessions, planning and programming.
The group shifted to practice to ensure that trainees were capable of moderating sessions and train their fellows.
The program is crowned with the trainees' success to conduct a number of workshops with their fellow university students in the various universities, under the supervision of Al Mezan Center for Human Rights.

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