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Al Mezan welcomes students in Gaza Office


On May 8th, the Gaza office of Al Mezan Center for Human Rights Office received a group of students which consisted of members of the school parliament of Al Zaitoun Primary School and a number of teachers.
The aim of the visit was to reinforce cooperation and join efforts to spread fundamental concepts of Human Rights with the assistance of Al Mezan and the Human Rights Program supervised by UNRWA’s Department of Education.
Al Mezan's fieldworker in Gaza City welcomed the delegation and spoke of aims and description of activities carried out by Al Mezan, the most important aim being that of guaranteeing the protection and reinforcement of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).
The delegation checked Al Mezan's publications, praised Al Mezan's efforts and emphasized that other NGOs and governmental institutions should be more concerned about the rights of the child.