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Al Mezan Launches the Thirteenth “Pass the Word” Program


On Sunday, 4 May 2014, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights launched its annual “Pass the Word” program for the thirteenth consecutive year.
The program will continue for a full year as implemented by Al Mezan’s Coordinator of the Training and Mass Communication Unit (TMCU).
“Pass the Word” includes theoretical and practical components within the program.
A group of university students will receive trainings on the basics of human rights, democracy, and international humanitarian law and trainings on communication and moderating group discussion so that they can lead awareness sessions with their peers on campuses in Gaza.
Shirin Ash-Shobaki, the TMCU at Al Mezan, opened the program by welcoming the 31 participants.
She presented the goals and mission of Al Mezan and the objectives the program.
She emphasized the program’s importance in supporting and promoting principles of human rights and IHL.
Ash-Shobaki stressed the importance of commitment to the program, which contains three phases of necessary completion.
Ash-Shobaki relayed students’ experiences in past years, where participants said that the program helped them in developing their skills and self-confidence, but also enabled them to carry out meaningful voluntary work.
Participating students will be trained on diverse issues relating to human rights and international humanitarian law, democracy, the rule of the law, frameworks of governmental powers, international human rights conventions, operating mechanisms of international human rights law, communication skills, skills in moderating group discussions, and program development.
Al Shobaki expressed her hope that the student would make the most of the program and demonstrate commitment towards achieving the best possible results.

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