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Al Mezan submits a letter to the PLC protesting the assault by its guard on journalists


Al Mezan Center for Human Rights submitted a letter to the presidency of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC); which was handed to the deputy president Dr.
Ahmad Bahr.
In the letter, the Center strongly condemns the attacks by PLC's guards against journalists yesterday.
It also emphasizes the positive role played by journalists in the promotion of human rights and exposing their violations, which necessitates respecting the freedom of press.
The Center calls on the PNA to undertake its obligations to maintain security and order, provide protection to citizens and residents within its jurisdiction, and prioritize the release of Alan Johnston who has been held for over a month now.
Al Mezan also highlights that it is completely legitimate to appeal to the PLC, which aims to activate its role in monitoring and holding the executive accountable for having failed to undertake its obligations.
Further, the Center expresses its deep concern over the PLC's refraining from receiving people's complaints and ignoring frequent attacks on journalists by its guards.
At the end, Al Mezan calls upon the PNA to investigate the incident and hold the perpetrators accountable for their conduct in accordance with the law.
The PLC should clarify its stance as to this incident and take the necessary steps to ensure full respect of journalists, as well as all Palestinian citizens, right to express their opinion and show solidarity in peaceful ways.
Al Mezan submitted another letter to the Journalists' Union in which it expresses its solidarity with journalists and condemnation of assaults on journalists on 17 April 2007.
The Center said it appreciates the peaceful activities conducted by journalists to protect the freedom of press and provide protection to journalists while performing their mission.
Al Mezan is highly about journalists' ability to perform their mission.
This requires showing full respect and protection by the Palestinian authorities for them while performing their right to freedom of expression; including the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas regardless of - the legal - means they choose to do so.
This is essential for the promotion by the press of human rights, democracy, diversity and tolerance in the Palestinian society.
The Center, in its letter, seconds the demand by the protesting journalists for securing the release of their colleague, Alan Johnston, and for protecting the freedom of press.

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