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Al Mezan organizes a workshop for civil servants rights


Al Mezan Center for Human Rights organized a workshop on the rights of civil servants within the PNA.
The event took place on 24 April 2007.
Lawyer Jamil Serhan, Al Mezan's coordinator of the Legal Aid Unit, spoke to a group of 30 participants.
At the event, participants emphasized the necessity of enforcing the Civil Service Law, No.
4 of the year 1998 and its amendments, in such a way that ensures a due legal process with guarantees for equality and nondiscrimination as to employment and benefits.
The participants were critical of specific provisions in the Law; especially those having to do with the regulation of allowances and promotion and called for action by civil society to improve the conditions thereto.
The workshop was organized in coordination with the Palestinian Civil Servants Society and took place at Al Mezan's office in Gaza City.

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