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A special Report on the state of insecurity in Gaza in 2007


Al Mezan Center for Human Rights released a special report on the state of insecurity in Gaza during the first quarter of 2007.
The report states that 1,065 people were killed or injured in the Gaza Strip during this period.
Among those were 147 people who were killed.
The toll is over triple the sum of victims during the first quarter of 2004; a benchmark for serious escalation in the state of insecurity.
It also doubles the number of victims in the first quarter of 2006.
The report is available in Arabic at http://www.
The report the occurrences of armed clashes between the largest two Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas; violent family feuds, attacks on civilian objects such as universities, mosques, churches and houses; premeditated and extrajudicial killings; augmenting violence; the taking of hostages; and torture and other forms of cruel and inhuman treatment inflicted on persons during their abduction.
The report also indicates a serious increase of criminal acts; including armed robbery of vehicles and private property.
It focuses on frequent occurrence of mysterious killings, most notably against women on allegedly 'honor grounds'.
The period covered by the report witnessed the highest number of honor crimes on a single day, and a shift concerning the identity and motives of the perpetrators.
In some cases, there is suspicion that armed groups, rather than families, killed women on honor grounds.
It also indicates that the authorities allowed such acts to go uninvestigated and failed to bring any perpetrators to justice.
The report expressed Al Mezan's grave concern by the organized attacks on NGOs providing cultural services, internet cafés and music shops around the Gaza Strip.
There is more doubt that these acts have been carried out by organized armed groups operating in Gaza.
The report criticizes the PNA; the central duty-bearer in this case, who limited their action to issuing statements condemning these acts, but took no effective steps to challenge them and restore law and order.
It also approaches the conditions that fuel the internal violence; including the years-long weakening of the PNA and sanctions that left Gaza suffering the highest ever levels of poverty and unemployment.
The report concludes with calling for: The taking of immediate and effective steps by the PNA to restore security and order through enforcing the rule of the law.
The combating of abductions, including ending the kidnapping of Alan Johnston, and bringing the kidnappers to justice.
The provision of adequate protection for public institutions and NGOs that have been target for attacks by armed groups.
The maintenance of individual security and protection of private property including privately-owned internet cafés and music shops.
Initiate prompt investigation in all acts of killing by the police and combat threats of revenge by the victims' families.
Bringing to an end the Israeli and international sanctions and tackling the conditions of poverty and unemployment throughout effective development cooperation.
Al Mezan is highly concerned by this escalation and by the PNA's failure to undertake its obligations.
This will only lead to even graver escalation of the state of insecurity in Gaza.

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