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Al Mezan concludes a training course on human rights for a group of disabled journalists in middle Gaza


Al Mezan concluded a training course on "Human Rights and the people with disability".
This course one of many training courses and seminars which are usually organized by Al Mezan to raise the people's awareness on human rights in the Palestinian society.
The target group included eighteen persons from the staff of Forssan Al Iarada Radio (Knights of the Determination Radio); most of whom are disabled media activists.
It took place in the Dir Al-Balah Society for Rehabilitation of the Handicapped.
The course lasted for seven days between 14 and 21 August 2007.
Many relevant topics were raised in the course; including: the concepts and standards of human rights, the International Bill of Human Rights, economic, social and cultural rights, the rights of the child, the rights of people with disability, human rights in the Palestinian law, and the protection of the disabled, principles of the International Humanitarian Law, the legal protection of journalists, and the role of the press in the promotion of human rights.
The Radio station, which broadcasts from Dir Al-Balah town, aims to enhance the role of disabled, disseminate information about their role and life experience, help them integrate them in society, and provide greater opportunity for their self-expression.

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