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Al Mezan visits some of EF's and police centers in the Gaza Strip


On Saturday 1 September 2007, a delegation from Al Mezan's lawyers and fieldworkers visited three of the Hamas' policing body; the Executive Force (EF), stations and other police stations in the towns of Jabalia, Khan Younis and Rafah.
The delegation met with officers of the EF; including Rafah commander Sami Saleh, Khan Younis commander Husam Shahwan, Jabalia commander Samih Sultan, and the public relations officer Nidal Kullab.
They also met with the director of the police in Rafah, Hassan Al Kashif.
The visits aimed at fostering Al Mezan's efforts to monitor the respect of human rights standards; especially the rights of citizens under the custody of the EF, and the adequacy of conditions under which citizens are detained and interrogated.
It also aimed at identifying the monitoring and accountability mechanisms adopted by the EF, if any, and the presence of a complaints' mechanism in accordance with the Palestinian law.
Al Mezan's delegation was welcomed in the three locations.
Their tour facilitated by the EF.
They were allowed to enter detention centers and interview some of the detained, who provided information about the conditions of interrogation and detention and the legality of the relevant procedures.
The delegation made a number of comments and reservations as to the EF's relevant conduct.
They also briefed EF officers on the applicable standards of human rights that the EF must observe as far as detention and interrogation are involved.
From their part, the EF's officers welcomed the delegation and explained the EF's role in restoring and maintaining law and order.
They pledged to take measures to rectify any misconduct by their members in light of the delegation's reservations and to ensure the respect of human rights and freedoms in accordance with the law.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights commends the cooperation of the EF's officers with its delegation and their articulate commitment to take effective rectifying measures in compliance with the law.
Nevertheless, Al Mezan stresses the necessity to respect and observe the legal process regarding arrests and interrogation.
Al Mezan also asserts that human rights defenders and legal counsels must have continuous access to citizens under custody in such centers.