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The belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces attack Khan Yunis with tanks and machine guns

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13 December 2000 |Reference 65/2000

Today 13/12/2000 at 2:00 a.
(24:00 GMT), the belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces attacked houses located near Attuffah junction in Khan Younis.
In this context, Israeli military tanks moved towards the houses, and shelled them using missiles and machineguns.
In doing so, the Israelis were trying to occupy the junction and the houses located near it.
It is worth mentioning that the belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces asked the residents of these houses to evacuate them.
The Israeli shelling and shooting resulted in the injury of more than 40 Palestinian civilians and the death of several others.
The dead were: Mohammad Jamal Abu Al’ula, a 25 year old resident of Rafah, who was shot in the chest.
Ahmad Ismaeel Mtair, a 44 year old resident of Rafah, who was shot in the head.
Mahdy Mohammad Akkilah, a 35 year old resident of Khan Younis, who was shot in the chest.
Jabr Asab’, a 25 year old resident of Beit Hanoun, who was shot in the head.
Several houses were damaged during the incident.
The belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces continued to destroy houses and bulldoze agricultural lands owned by Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.
Yesterday 12/12/2000, in the evening, these forces bulldozed agricultural lands and destroyed houses located near Deir Albalah.
These are owned by: Khaleel Basheer: His house was bulldozed.
Besides, 10 dunams planted with tomatoes, pepper, and beans were destroyed and 50 date trees eradicated.
Moreover, the water irrigation system as well as a plant medication pump were damaged, and 10 beehives were destroyed.
Yousif Salman Basheer: His 200 m2 house was destroyed.
Abd Alhameed Altawaishah: A one- dunam green house was destroyed.
Imad Ismaeel basheer: The foundations of his 300- m2 house; which is under construction, were destroyed.
Rushdy Abu Samrah: His houses wall, which measures 6 meters long and 2 meters high, a garage, and a 20 m2- room were bulldozed.
These new Israeli attacks take place while the Palestinians suffer from a continued severely tightened siege imposed on their cities, villages and refugee camps by the belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces, separating them from each other.
We, at AL-MEZAN Center for Human Rights, stress that the Israeli use of excessive and lethal force, and collective punishments against the unarmed Palestinian civilians constitutes a war crime.
In the light of this, we request the international community to end its quietness and indifference in regard to what is taking place in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
We call upon all the international and regional organizations, especially those concerned with human rights, to exert pressure on the countries of the world urging them to provide protection for the Palestinians and to try the Israeli war criminals.