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Al Mezan Welcomes Library’s Friends from Four Schools


The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights received a committee from the library’s friends from four Breer primary schools in its office in Jabaliya refugee camp.
The visit is part of school library activities.
93 school students accompanied by their some of teachers and librarians visited Al Mezan’s library.
The schools are: Breer Primary School (A), Breer Primary School (B), Hafsa Bent Omr Primary School for Boys, and Hafsa Bent Omar Primary School for Girls.
Hussein Hammad, Al Mezan’s branch director, welcomed the delegations.
Tahani Abdel Rahman, Al Mezan’s librarian, presented a brief summary about Al Mezan and its activities.
Then she talked about Al Mezan’s library, its activity, and its services.
She presented the importance of children department at the library.
Students started to read books and short stories.
Some students presented some short stories for their colleagues.
The students then used Al Mezan’s computer to know about the library computer application.
At the end of their visit, students and their teachers thanked Al Mezan for receiving them and for its hospitality.
The visit is part of Al Mezan’s activity with schools and students which aim to enhance Al Mezan’s mission in enhancing and protecting human rights particularly economic, cultural and social rights, and Convention on Child Rights in Gaza Strip.

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