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Al Mezan’s Lawyers Meet Public Prosecutor in Gaza

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10 March 2013 |Reference 25/2013

On Thursday 7 March 2013, staff members of the Legal Assistance Unit at the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights met public prosecutor Ismail Jaber at his office in Gaza City.
Mervat An-Nahhal, Coordinator of the Legal Assistant Unit at Al Mezan, Mr.
Rami Shaqoura, Mr.
Alaa Skafi, and Mr.
Yihya Mhareb met the public prosecutor in addition to a number of his assistants.
At the beginning of the meeting, Mr.
Jaber welcomed Al Mezan’s lawyers and commended Al Mezan’s role in monitoring and documenting the situation of human rights in the Gaza Strip.
He asserted that the public prosecution considered its relationship with Al Mezan and other human rights organizations useful to enhance the rule of law and ensure respect for human rights.
For her side, Ms.
An-Nahhal expressed Al Mezan’s interest in enhancing the relationship with the public prosecution since there are a number of cases which are of concern to both parties.
During the meeting, mechanisms to develop protection of the human rights situation and ways of cooperation between Al Mezan and the public prosecution were discussed as well as a number of complaints which Al Mezan have received.
The killing of Tahani Kassab, who burnt herself to death on Monday 18 February 2013 in Jabaliya[1], and the reasons behind the incident were discussed in the meeting.
Al Mezan’s lawyer asked the public prosecutor to re-open investigation in the incident.
Al Mezan’s lawyer told the public prosecutor that the family of the killed person agreed to have the body recovered to undergo forensic examination.
The public prosecutor agreed to reopen the grave, examine the body, and start the investigation anew.
At the end of the meeting, Ms.
An-Nahhal thanked the public prosecutor for the efforts of his office in serving Palestinians and protecting their rights.

[1] At approximately 2:40 pm on Monday 18 February 2013, Kamal Odwan Hospital received the dead body of Tahani Kassab, 21.
Medical sources reported that she died due to burns all over her body and described her husband’s health condition as moderate.
Her husband Rami Baker Subeeh, 30, sustained burns in 20% of his body.
The police opened an investigation into the incident and asserted that there were no criminal suspicions and the woman burnt herself by pouring fuel over her body while she was at her house which is located in Al Falouja area in Jablaliya refugee camp.