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Al Mezan Opens Two Training Courses on “Enhancing Lawyers’, Capacity in Legal Framework and Supporting Human Rights”


On Sunday 17 February 2013, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights with support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP/PAPP) began two training courses on “Enhancing Lawyers’ Capacity in Legal Framework and Supporting Human Rights”, held at two training halls at the Laterna restaurant in Gaza City.
Mervat An-Nahhal, Al Mezan’s senior lawyer, opened the course by welcoming the 34 participating and trainee lawyers.
An-Nahhal talked about ways of enhancing lawyers’ skills in human rights and the importance of using the human rights approach within the current legal framework.
She stressed the importance of the course for lawyers, who play a vital role in defending victims of human rights violations.
She emphasized that the course aims to enhance lawyers’ skills and knowledge in providing legal advice for victims of human rights violations.
An-Nahhal then presented the course schedule and described its overall aim.
The course consists of 24 training hours to be delivered over four days.
Participants are to be introduced to human rights law; human rights principles within existing legal frameworks; mechanisms of accountability in the International Criminal Court; procedures for collecting evidence, arrest, search, and in flagrante delicto in Criminal Procedures Law; standards of fair trial; ethics of legal practices; municipality regulations related to taxes duties; medical negligence; medical mistakes in Palestinian laws; legal basis for due responsibilities and duties.
A team of specialized experts from Al Mezan, with lawyers, judges, and public prosecutors, presents the course materials.
This course constitutes one component of the “Empowerment of Fresh Law Graduates” project, implemented by Al Mezan with support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP/PAPP).

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