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Al Mezan Concludes Two Training Courses for Volunteers of "Pass the Word" Program for 2008


This Tuesday, 18 March 2008, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights concluded two training courses: "Basic Concepts of Democracy, Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law" and "The Moderation of Discussion Sessions".
Both courses were held in Al Mezan's main office in Gaza City.
Both courses were part of the sixth version of Al Mezan's "Pass the Word" program.
Twenty-three university students from the Gaza Strip participated.
The aim of the first course, which lasted for four days, was to familiarize the participants with human rights concepts and institutions, democracy and democratic society, and international humanitarian law.
The course included the theoretical framework of human rights and international humanitarian law, the major concepts and mechanisms that contribute to its promotion and protection, and the chief international human rights instruments.
Participants became familiar with mechanisms established by both international human rights law and Palestinian law for the promotion, protection and enforcement of human rights in accordance with international standards.
The course included a special section that educated participants on how to use the concepts and principles of international humanitarian law, as part of a joint project between Al Mezan and Diakonia.
During the second course, participants were trained on how to moderate discussion and dialogue among their peers.
This course lasted for three days and included topics related to communication skills, leadership skills, changing attitudes, and the skills and techniques for moderating debate and discussion sessions.
"Pass the Word" is an educational program organized by Al Mezan for Gaza Strip university students.
After taking part in the training course, qualified student volunteers hold sessions with their colleagues in universities to create dialogue and discussion about human rights, democracy and international humanitarian law.
The program represents an initiative in the education and human rights field, which contributes to the promotion of volunteerism and the active role of youth in universities.
The volunteers trained last week will begin discussion and dialogue sessions during the current semester.

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