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IOF Kills 168, Including 34 Children and 13 Women, and Damages 2,111 Houses during

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23 December 2012 |Reference 120/2012

The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights has finished the first step of collecting information in its documentation project.
Al Mezan’s field workers have conducted 294 field visits to places were Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) committed violations of International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law.
Al Mezan’s field workers also carried out 3,083 documentary visits to collect information from victims and eyewitnesses.
Based on Al Mezan’s main documentation, the IOF killed 168 including 34 children and 13 women and injured 1,046 others including 301 children and 105 women.
In addition, the IOF inflicted minor damages to hundreds of residential flats.
The IOF damaged 2,111 residential houses including 1,985 houses which were partially damaged and 30 residential units which are part of a Saudi housing project in Rafah.
Of those 59 were directly attacked; including 42who were deliberately targeted by direct IOF attacks using the roof-knocking tactic.
Moreover, IOF attacks caused varying damages to 244 public facilities; including15 health centres, 90 schools, 2 universities, 50 mosques, 14 media offices, 2 UNRWA food distribution centres, 12 ministerial offices, 12 police/security stations, 71 vehicle, and 190 industrial and commercial facilities,189 agricultural lands which have an overall size of about  259,352 square meters were also damaged.
  Al Mezan’s field workers are still conducting more documentary visits specifically in order tofill indocumentation forms with regards tochildren and women inarmed conflict.
The entry of data is undergoing, and statistical and comprehensive reports on the Israeli violations in theGaza Strip during “Pillars of Clouds” will be published at the end of the project.