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Al Mezan Hosts DeputyChairman of Hamas Political Bureau atits Gaza Office

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13 December 2012 |Reference 113/2012

On Wednesday evening 12 December 2012, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights hosted DeputyChairman of the Hamas Political Bureau Dr.
Mousa Abu Marzouq at its main office in Gaza.
Abu Marzouq met a number of intellectuals, academics, and civil society activists.
IssamYounis, Director of Al Mezan, opened the meeting by welcoming Dr.
Abu Marzouq and the audience.
Abu Marzouq delivered a speech on the current political situation including the Palestinian reconciliation, elections, management of society affairs, and the recent development in the Arab region.
The meeting was dominated by an honest and transparent atmosphere as Dr.
Abu Marzouq listened to the audience and their contributions, comments, and questions which made the core of the discussion and the meeting.