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Al Mezan Concludes Lawyers Training on IHL in Gaza


On Tuesday, 28 October 2008, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights concluded a training course entitled 'Enforcement of International Humanitarian Law and Litigation Procedures'.
Held at Al Mezan's headquarters in Gaza City, the course aimed to strengthen lawyers' skills and knowledge about International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and relevant litigation procedures.
The training lasted for five days, comprising 24 training hours.
It targeted 20 lawyers.
The training program included a background on the IHL, the protection accorded to civilians under it, its applicability to OPT and mechanisms of enforcement.
It also tackled issues related to International Criminal Law and potential prosecution of perpetrators of grave violations of the IHL.
This course was held as part of the 'Promotion of IHL and ESCR by Education in Gaza' project, which aims to raise awareness of the IHL and enhance its implementation towards better protection of civilians under occupation.
The project is conducted by Al Mezan Center for Human Right with support from Diakonia.

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