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Al-Mezan Center Condemns the Attacks Against Palestinian Policemen and Calls for Providing Just Trials that Adhere to the Minimum Standards of fair Trials for Suspects

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5 January 2002 |Reference 1/2002

Reference: Date: 5/1/2002 Press Release: Yesterday, 4/1/2002, evening at about 20:00, a military court, headed by Colonel Abdul-Aziz Wadi and membership of Leutanant Colonel Hamud Abu al-Jarwan and Major Walid Wafi, was held to look in the charges against Abdul-Min’im Abu Salah.
The court found him guilty and decided to sentence him to death by shooting.
This decision comes after Abu Salah had shoot his colleagues in the Palestinian Marine Police station in Dair al-Balah, in the middle of the Gaza Strip, while they were sleeping.
One of the policemen, Zakariya Ahmad al-Masri, 19-years-old from Khan Yunis, was killed and five others were wounded; two of them seriously wounded, as a result of the shooting.
The two policemen in critical condition are: Abdul-Hafidh an-Najar, 20-years-old, wounded by a live bullet in his chest, and Umar Shamiya, 22-years-old from Khan Yunis, wounded by two bullets in the chest and the abdomen.
Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights is highly concerned for the expedition of Abu Salah’s trial and calls for the following: Providing the minimum standards for fair trial that ensure the means of defense for the defendant including his right to appeal.
The Center emphasizes its constant position of rejecting death sentence and calls to replace it with other punishment.