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Al Mezan Concludes Training on “1612 MRM for Violations of Child Rights in Armed Conflict in Cooperation with Save the Children - UK”


On Thursday 1 December 2011, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights concluded a training course entitled “1612 MRM [Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism] for Violations of Human Rights in Armed Conflict,” in cooperation with Save the Children - UK, at the meeting hall of Orient House restaurant in Gaza City.
[1] This workshop is part of a project entitled “Promotion of 1612 MRM” supported by Save the Children - UK.
Mahmoud Abu Rahma, communications and international relations coordinator at Al Mezan, participated in the final session alongside Shirin Ash-Shobaki, training and mass communication unit coordinator at Al Mezan, and Osama Damo, documentation and communications coordinator at Save the Children – UK’s office in Gaza.
 They thanked the participants for their involvement.
30 staff at children’s associations participated in the workshop.
Mrs Ash-Shobaki asserted the importance of the role they play as employees in community-based organizations (CBOs) in carrying out monitoring and reporting of violations of child rights in armed conflict.
  Mr Abu Rahma thanked Save the Children – UK for its ongoing cooperation in the efforts towards promoting and protecting children’s rights in the occupied Palestinian territory.
  He thanked the participants for their commitment and expressed his hope that the content of the workshop had met their expectations in terms of improving their knowledge of Resolution 1612 and developing their skills documenting and reporting violations of child rights in armed conflict.
Mr Abu Rahma asserted the importance of using as well as transferring the knowledge and skills acquired from the workshop to their colleagues and groups targeted for interventions.
  Participants would then be achieving the principal objective of the workshop, which is to contribute to, promote, and protect child rights.
Mr Damo thanked the participants for their interest in acquiring knowledge on 1612 and in enhancing their skills through the workshop sessions.
  He also thanked Al Mezan for holding such workshops and for its ongoing cooperation with SCUK.
  Mr Damo expressed his hope that the workshop had met expectations and increased motivation to develop work on MRM concerning violations of child rights in armed conflict.
The workshop consisted of 24 hours delivered over four consecutive days.
  The participants were introduced to: the Convention on the Rights of the Child; child rights protection mechanisms and related UN resolutions; the protection of women and children in armed conflict; and the 1612 MRM concerning the violations of child rights in situations of armed conflict.
  At the end of the workshop the participants were presented with certificates.
[1] “1612 MRM” refers to the unified system for monitoring and reporting violations of children’s rights established by UN Security Council Resolution 1612.

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