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The Israeli Forces Penetrate Towns in the Gaza Strip

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11 September 2002 |Reference 75/2002

At approximately 12.
30am on Tuesday 10 September 2002, the Israeli occupation forces penetrated the town of Beit Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip.
A group of Israeli tanks entered the town and reached a point only 400 meters from Al-Manshyeh Street east of the town.
An hour later, part of the force split and joined another group at the entrance of the town of Beit Hanun.
They entered Beit Hanun through Al Masri road.
Another group of tanks and bulldozers entered Beit Hanun from the east and joined in the incursion.
These forces started to destroy a room in a house where three children were sleeping.
Al Mezan knew that the house is owned by Nayif Abu ‘Athreh.
In addition, they broke into Al Tahir Cultural Society and the Islamic Society in the town.
According to the fieldwork results, they destroyed part of the kindergarten’s front wall at Al Tahir Society, as well as ruining appliances inside the organization’s office during the search.
Moreover, these forces broke into four mosques in the town and used police dogs to search them.
The four mosques are: Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz Mosque, Abu Bakr Al Sidiq Mosque, At-Tawba Mosque and Al Rahman Mosque, whose front wall was destroyed.
Police dogs were used during the search of the Al Rahman Mosque.
Further, the Israeli forces broke into two houses in the town.
They searched the house of Munir Abu Udeh and detained his son’s, Tariq, family for interrogation inside their home until 7:30 Wednesday morning.
The other home, owned by Hani Muhammad al-Kafarneh, was also searched.
Hani and his brother Zakarya were arrested.
These forces withdrew from the town around 8:15 A.
Wednesday 11 September.
Medical sources told Al Mezan that Fatima Muhammad al-Kafarneh, age 67, died from a heart attack during the incursion.
Her relatives said she was extremely terrified before she died.
At approximately 1:30 A.
the same day, Israeli forces entered the al-Musadar village, east of Deir al-Balah and arrested six Palestinians.
Al Mezan knew the arrested are: Muhammad Hasan Abu Mansi, age 43, Abdul Atti Ahmad Abu Shehadeh, age 37, Muhammad Ahmad Abu Shehadeh, age 66, Abdul Aziz Ahmad Abu Shehadeh, age 40, Usama Muhammad Hasan Abu Mansi, age 28, Husam Muhammad Abu Shihadeh, age 30.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights is gravely concerned by these daily Israeli incursions in the Gaza Strip towns and villages.
The Center fears that such operations are only the beginning of a wider incursion of the Gaza Strip.
Al Mezan condemns the Israeli forces’ attacks against mosques and especially the use of dogs inside them, which is unacceptable for Moslims.
Al Mezan calls upon the international community to protect the civilian population of the OPTs.
The continued Israeli crimes against Palestinian civilians necessitate immediate international intervention, in compliance with their legal and moral obligations.
Such crimes demand bringing those who ordered or committed them to justice.