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The Israeli Forces Attack Rafah and Escalate their Aggression against Civilians

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10 October 2002 |Reference 83/2002

At approximately 10 P.
Monday 9 October 2002 the Israeli Occupation Forces invaded the town of Rafah in the south the Gaza Strip, using heavy weaponry.
Two Palestinian children were killed from Israeli bullets in the attack and numerous homes were damaged.
Eyewitnesses told Al Mezan’s fieldworkers that Israeli tanks kept building up on the borderline between Rafah and Egypt under air cover before they attacked the town.
They entered the town in two areas, Western Rafah and ash-Sh’ut Block.
As a result of the Israeli arbitrary shelling, including helicopter shelling, the-12-year-old child Sahir Salah al-Hut and the-17-year-old boy Ihab Fathi al-Mghaiar were killed from live bullets.
In addition, three other Palestinians were wounded.
Moreover, tens of homes were damaged, including four homes that were completely destroyed.
The four destroyed homes are owned by: Yihia Hasan Khalil al-Masri, a two-story house with an area of 200 square meters, Aysheh Sulaiman al-Tantawi’ home, with an area of 80 square meters, Udeh Muhammad Khafaja’s home, with an area of 100 square meters, and Ibrahim Muhammad Barhum’s apartment, with an area of 130 square meters.
Barhum’s apartment was completely burnt from the shelling.
Numerous other homes were severely damaged, including the homes of Ahmad Ibrahim Barhum, Samir Jum’a Ghanim, Ayish Abdul Qadir Ijhaish, and Rubin Ali Ijhaish.
A marble workshop and many other houses were also partially damaged in the attack.
It should be mentioned that two other children were killed in a previous Israeli attack in Rafah earlier Wednesday 9 October 2002.
The two children are Muhammad Musa Ashur, aged 17, and Ahmad Fuad Radwan, aged 17.
Fourteen persons were also injured in this attack.
Al Mezan is highly concerned for the continued Israeli aggression against the civilian population of the OPTs, which always cause loss in life and property among civilians.
The Center views such aggression as collective punishment of the Palestinian people and asserts that the Israeli claims that the occupation forces target ‘wanted persons’ are false.
The killing of four children and destruction of homes prove the invalidity of such claims.
Al Mezan calls upon the international community, especially the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to intervene immediately and stop the ongoing Israeli grave breaches committed against civilians and to ensure respect for the Convention in the OPTs.