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Al Mezan Opens Workshop on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights


On Wednesday 19 October 2011, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights opened a workshop titled “Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights” at the training hall of the Palestinian Student Care Association, in An-Nuseirat refugee camp in Middle Gaza district.
  This workshop is the third in a series of training events as part of a joint project run by Al Mezan with support from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.
  The project aims to bolster economic, social, and cultural rights in the Gaza Strip.
  25 participants attended the workshop, which consists of 10 training hours to be delivered over two days.
Basam Abu Jrai, Al Mezan’s field worker in the Middle Gaza district, saluted the participants for their attendance and provided some background on Al Mezan’s mission statement, which includes protection and promotion of respect for human rights in the economic, social, and cultural field in particular.
  He described the mechanisms of Al Mezan’s work and its diverse activities, including those relating to assisting victims, where he added that Al Mezan plays a major role.
  He also noted Al Mezan’s work in documenting violations of human rights.
Nour Ash-Shwa, the project coordinator at Al Mezan, thanked the participants for their attendance and introduced the training program’s content, emphasizing the importance of making use of the workshop’s material in their own work.
  The participants will be introduced to: the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights; the Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights; UN human rights mechanisms, including the system of special procedures for human rights interventions; and the regional human rights systems.
Basam Abu Hasheesh and Mr.
Saber An-Nairab of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights will undertake the task of training the participants in this workshop.
  The economic, social, and cultural rights project, implemented by Al Mezan with funding from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, aims to raise awareness of human rights in this field by targeting specific social groups.

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