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Al Mezan Concludes Training Workshop for Lawyers on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights


On Wednesday 5 October 2011, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation concluded a training workshop for lawyers entitled “Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights and Protection,” held at the Laterna restaurant in Gaza City.
 This is the second workshop in a series of training events which are part of a joint project run by Al Mezan with support from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.
Osama Antar, representative of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Gaza, and Mr.
Samir Zaqout, coordinator of the Field Work Unit at Al Mezan, concluded the course.
Antar expressed his happiness to meet the trainees, and said the Friedrich Ebert Foundation would continue its efforts to promote human rights and democracy in Palestinian society.
 He added that the Friedrich Ebert Foundation is happy to reach specific groups within Palestinian society that have the potential to play an effective role in changing the situation, such as journalists and lawyers.
Zaqout welcomed the attendees, thanked the Friedrich Ebert Foundation for its cooperation with Al Mezan, and expressed his hope that their partnership would continue.
Zaqout stressed the importance of increasing efforts to protect and respect economic, social, and cultural rights within Palestinian society.
 He added that the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) entered into force more than 35 years ago, but is not being properly applied nationally and internationally.
Zaqout advised the participants to read the General Comments of Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights to improve their knowledge of the standard content of these rights and to gain a deeper understanding of the issues, in order to be able to work on such cases.
  At the end of the workshop’s concluding session, participants asserted the importance of training courses on economic, social, and cultural rights.
 They thanked Al Mezan and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation for organizing the workshop.
  The workshop consisted of ten training hours delivered over two days.
Bassam Abu Hasheesh presented the first session of the workshop, an introduction to ICESCR and particularly to the right to enjoy the highest attainable standard of health.
 On the second day, Mr.
Saber An-Nairab, Human Rights Officer at the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, led a session on the UN’s human rights mechanisms.
  The workshop was part of the “Enhancing Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights” program implemented by Al Mezan in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

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