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The Israeli Government Escalates State Terrorism, Killing Eight Palestinians Including Two Children by Missile Shelling in Nablus

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1 August 2001 |Reference 40/2001

The Israeli occupation army has escalated its attacks against Palestinian civilians in the last two days.
This escalation threatens stability in the whole region.
Yesterday, 31/7/2001 at 1:30 pm, an Israeli helicopter shelled a research center, located in a residential building in Nablus in the PA area, with two missiles.
The shelling left eight Palestinians dead, two of them are Hamas political leaders, two journalists, and another two children.
All of the victims died due to splinters in several parts in their bodies.
The eight Palestinians are: Jamal Abdur-Rahman Mansour, forty-two years old, from al-Ein refugee camp near Nablus.
Jamal is known as one of the political leaders of Hamas.
Jamal Ibrahim Saleem, forty-three years old, from Balata refugee camp near Nablus.
He is also one of Hamas political leaders.
Fahim Ibrahim Dawabsheh, thirty-two years old, from Nablus.
Fahim is the manager of the center.
Omar Mansour, twenty-seven years old, from Nablus, guard of Mr.
Uthman Abdul-Qadir Qatanani, twenty- five years old, a journalist photographer at Nablus Journalism Center.
Muhammad Abdul-Karim al-Bishawi, twenty-six years old, from Nablus, a journalist photographer at an-Najah Journalism Center.
Ashraf Abdul-Minim Abu Khadir, six years old, from Nablus.
Bilal Abdul-Minim Abu Khadir, nine years old, from Nablus.
Besides, two other Persons were injured in the attack, they are: Ahmad Abu Shallal, thirty-four years old.
Shallal is a field researcher in the International Solidarity Organization for Human Rights.
Abdullah Abu Salih, thirty years old, from Nablus.
As a result of the shelling, the center’s furniture was totally destroyed and the whole building was damaged.
In a previous attack yesterday night, the Israeli occupation army shot and killed Hammuda Abdul-Fattah al-Madhun, twenty-one years old from Jabalia refugee camp.
The Israeli shooting in the area by al-Mintar Passage, east to Gaza, towards a PA military site caused killing Muhammad Imad al-Husni, twenty-two years old, from ash-Shati’ refugee camp.
The Israeli army shot Al-Husni in the chest.
Moreover, yesterday at about 12:30 pm Israeli tanks near Nizarim settlement bombed ash-Sikh Ijlin area randomly.
Three tanks entered the PA area and blocked the sea road, which connects the southern part of the Gaza Strip with its northern part.
The bombing caused a lot of damage to civilians’ property and in many passer by vehicles as Haifa’ Abu Me’eliq, whose car was damaged while she was in her way back from work.
In Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation army shelled the area near Salah ad-Din Gate by the Egypt-Gaza borderline twice.
The first attack took place at about 5:00 pm, while the other one started at 9:00 pm and lasted till midnight.
Eyewitnesses said that the Israeli watch spots used howitzer bombs and heavy machine guns in shelling this area.
The shelling left the following citizens wounded: Ahmad Kamal Zanun, nineteen years old.
Ahmad had a bullet in his right leg.
Adli Muhammad Abu Taha, twenty-three years old, who was injured in his legs and feet due to several splinters.
Ahmad Nahid Abu Taha, ten years old, injured in the left leg due to bomb splinters.
Yasir Samir Mislih, twelve years old, injured in the left leg due to bomb splinters.
Ahmad Ismail al-Farmawi, nineteen years old, who had a bullet and several splinters in the left leg.
Muhammad Fawzi Abu an-Naja, thirteen years old.
Muhammad was shot with a bullet in the abdomen.
Ahmad Ibrahim an-Najjar, fourteen years old, who had several splinters in his right foot.
Israeli watch spots around Nevi Decalim and Gani Tal settlements shelled an-Namsawi neighborhood, at-Tuffah barrier area and ar-Rabwat al-Gharbya in Khan Yunis.
The shelling caused damages to the houses in these areas and left many civilians injured.
The following persons are among the injured: Nihad Numan Ilwan, twelve years old, who had a bullet in the abdomen.
Mahmud Jamal Zu’rub, twenty-four years old, who got bomb splinters in his hand.
The ongoing crimes committed by Israeli government, like assassination, extra-judicial killing and destruction of civilians’ property are forms of state, organized terror, necessitate pursuing whoever ordered or practiced them.
In the face of this grave escalation, al-Mezan Center believes that the whole area is so closed to a disastrous situation, especially under international silence toward such crimes.
The center demands immediate international protection for Palestinian civilians and putting an end to killing Palestinians.