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Al Mezan center for Human Rights Receives a Delegation from the International Motherhood Foundation

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3 October 2004 |Reference 43/2004

On Saturday, 2 October 2004, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights received a delegation from the International Motherhood Foundation, NL.
Niclein de Kroon and Mr.
Eddy Van Wessel entered Gaza after a long period of delay in Israel.
Earlier, on Friday, the delegates managed to enter a big amount of relief aid through Karni Crossing.
The assistance is waiting in Gaza City until the Israeli forces open the checkpoints between Gaza and southern the Gaza Strip and to be transported to the town of Rafah.
The assistance material includes medicines, medical equipment, schoolbags and food, and will be distributed with the help of Al Mezan to the people in need in Rafah.
The aid, financial and material, is realized through thousands of mothers and children in the Netherlands.