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In cooperation with International Motherhood Foundation, Al Mezan distributes medical and school aid material in Rafah

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19 October 2004 |Reference 44/2004

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights started the distribution of aid materials in the Rafah town and its refugee camp today.
The materials have been stored in Gaza since 2 October 2004, due to the closure by the Israeli Occupation Forces of the checkpoints between Gaza city and Rafah.
The IMF collected the materials, which include medicine, medical equipment and school bags and toys, from Dutch children and mothers, over the period that followed the Israeli incursion of Rafah during may 2004.
It should be noted that the Center's staff and the IMF's delegation visited schools and hospitals in Jabalia camp and Gaza city and distributed part of the material during the recent Israeli incursion of North Gaza.
This area witnessed serious deterioration of the humanitarian situation during this incursion.
Today, the Center's staff delivered medicines and medical equipment to the Abu Yousef An-Najjar Hospital, the only hospital in Rafah, and have been visiting 20 UNRWA primary schools to distribute school bags, stationary and toys.
Other materials are being packed to be distributed to poor families in the town, especially those whose homes had been demolished by the Israeli forces.