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Al Mezan and OHCHR Conclude a Training Course on Women’s Rights

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30 December 2010 |Reference 70/2010

On Thursday, 30 December 2010, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian territory (OHCHR-oPt) concluded a training course entitled 'Women’s Rights in International Law: Solutions and Mechanisms'.
The training took place at the Commodore Gaza Hotel in Gaza City.
  At the end of the course Mrs.
Shirin Al Shobaki, Coordinator of the Training and Mass Communication Unit at Al Mezan, and Mr.
Saber An-Nairab, Human Rights Officer at OHCHR-oPt’s Gaza Office spoke and handed certificates to the participants.
Al Shobaki and Mr.
An-Nairab thanked the participants for their effective participation in the course.
They emphasized the importance of the participants' role in increasing awareness in women’s rights and acting to monitor and protect them in the Palestinian society in Gaza.
Twenty persons who work at civil society organizations that work on women’s rights participated in the course.
Al Shobaki thanked the OHCHR-oPt for their cooperation with Al Mezan in enhancing and promoting human right culture in Gaza, and the participants for their commitment and participation in the training.
She said Al Mezan hoped that the course would help increase the participants’ knowledge and skills with relation to the protection of women and women’s rights; including Security Council Resolution 1325, as well as the relevant UN Special Procedures.
The course, she added, aimed to strengthen the capacity of women’s organizations monitoring and documenting skills so that they are in a better place to promote women’s rights in accord with international humanitarian and human rights laws.
The training also aimed to enable the participants to draft complaints and make effective use of the UN Special Procedures.
Saber An-Nairab thanked Al Mezan for the positive cooperation with OHCHR-oPt in organizing the training.
He also commended the participants for their interest in women’s rights and their commitment to it.
He said it was hoped that the course would motivate a group of activists and human rights defenders to make greater efforts to provide better protection and remedy for women who fall victims of human rights violations.