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Ministry of Interior in Gaza Dissolves Boards of Two Women Centers; Appoints New Boards


At approximately 12pm on Thursday 14 October 2010, a committee from the Ministry of Interior (MoI) accompanied by a police force informed the administration of two women's activities centers in Beit Hanoun town and Jablaia refugee camp that the MoI had dissolved the Boards of the two centers and assigned two temporary committees to run them.

According to Al Mezan's field investigations, the police made an inventory of the two centers, confiscated the centers' keys and handed them in to the newly appointed committee.
The women’s activities centers in the Gaza Strip were linked to UNRWA until the beginning of 2006, when they were disconnected administratively from UNRWA and became independent organizations with elected boards.
Women's administratively centers provide services for women and children.
The two centers work on several projects funded internationally.
Part of their work is training women on household economy activities.

The MoI said that the two centers were found to have committed several administrative and financial mistakes.
The term of their boards had expired two years ago, yet elections for the board were not organized.
It added that they had not obtained necessary licenses from the MoI.
The MoI assigned a temporary committee consisting of five women to run each center until elections are organized.

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